New User Training Video for Programmable Keys

Ever wondered how to use all the cool features on your phone but weren't sure where to start? Now you can quickly learn how to programme your phone with advanced features and begin to make your work phone, really work for you.

The new Programmable Keys Training Video explains how to programme keys on your phone as 15 different features. The features include: Account codes, Company speed dial, Conference Unit, Do Not Disturb, Forwarding calls, Handsfree answerback, Intercom to co-worker/prompt, Join/leave group, Line appearance, Monitoring features, One-touch speed dial, Page, Park/retrieve, Pick-up and Mobile twinning on/off.


The video uses digital modelling of a Mitel 5330 IP Phone and a screen view of the web portal to demonstrate exactly how to programme and use the keys.


We think it is pretty cool, but you can decide for yourself by watching the video here:


Mitel 5320, 5330, 5340 Programmable Keys Video



Topics: VTSL News