VTSL Enters VoIP Industry ITSPA Awards

ITSPA Logo VoIP AwardsVTSL is proud to announce our entry into several prestigious industry awards this year. We entered three categories in the ITSPA awards including Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise), Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) and Best VoIP Innovation.
ITSPA is the industry body representing the VoIP sector. It plays an integral role in standards creation and helping to foster customer focused products. Currently ITSPA has over 60 members.
ITSPA’s Best Business ITSP Award goes to the company who has provided the best all-around voice service. To be eligible, companies must offer a full telephony service, including connectivity to and from the PSTN, using standard UK DID numbers and have access to the emergency services. They also must pass a physical test of their VoIP service as performed by Malden Electronics.
ITSPA’s Best VoIP Innovation Award goes to the company who has provided the most dynamic and user friendly service or product. The innovation should have helped to push the technology into the mainstream and make VoIP more accessible to the customer. VTSL is entering this award with our innovative, user-friendly new web portal. The portal, launched last July, has helped customers to better use the full functionality of their VTSL VoIP telephone system, providing easy access to intuitive features and advanced applications.
The ITSPA awards are judged by a panel using 4 different criteria, in addition to the passing of the physical VoIP service test: Business performance, Innovation, Customer Service and a Case Study. The award winners are announced on Tuesday the 19th of March at the Tate Modern.
For more information, or if you are interested in a copy of VTSL’s applications please email us at Wish us luck!

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