The Biggest Change to Call Rates in 10 Years

Starting in June 2015, Ofcom will be making changes to non-geographic calling services (NGCS).


The first change is that all calls to 0800, 0808 and 116 numbers will be free of charge to call from a mobile. This is fantastic news for end users who will now save money on phone calls which they were previously paying by the minute, and often on hold for long periods of time.



The second change will help callers to determine the exact cost of a call when dialling an 084, 087, 09 or 118 phone number, whether calling from a mobile or from a landline. The objective of these regulations is to simplify the NGCS charging structure so that costs are clearly advertised to all callers.


These call costs will be split into two parts:

- An access charge set by the provider

- A service charge set by the organisation advertising the number


The implication is that an organisation that has an '08' number will be obligated to clearly display the exact calling cost, wherever the number is advertised. Customers will also be told via recorded message how much they are being charged for the call, and access charges will show up prominently on phone bills, allowing users to compare prices with other service providers.


Premium rate 09 numbers will have their charges capped, while 03 numbers must now be covered by the inclusive minutes and other promotional deals offered by phone operators.


It is all good news for users!




UK Calling - Clear Call Rates for Everyone from Ofcom on Vimeo.


If you have a hosted VoIP or IP phone system, or even a normal BT Business phone system, and your company has 0800, 0808, 116, 084, 087, 09, 118 numbers, you will want to check with your provider as to what these changes mean for you. Companies with these phone numbers will have to make changes to their marketing materials, website and service descriptions as well as tariffing and call billing platforms.


For those businesses who are interested in seeing how much they could save by switching from a BT Business phone system to a VoIP phone system—give VTSL a call and we will explain how IP telephony can help your business.


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