VTSL Continues to Grow... and Grow... and Grow...

Conor__Sonia.jpgIn addition to the expansion of VTSL’s London HQ, the opening of an office in Ireland, and the hiring of an experienced new Sales Director, VTSL continues to grow with two new additions to the business development team. Conor Walker-Simms and Sonia Sarais joined VTSL last December, both as Sales Associates. Their primary role is to foster relationships with VTSL’s partners and assist in developing new business.


Both Conor and Sonia have previous business development experience and are pleased to work for a company in a fast-paced technology space. “I really enjoy implementing solutions that help companies work smarter. Providing VTSL’s hosted VoIP to organisations that you know will benefit is very satisfying,” remarked Conor. 


“In only a couple months I have already seen how a great business phone system can completely change the way an organisation works,” said Sonia.


Conor, born in London, is keen to help prospects understand what hosted VoIP is, the technology behind it, and how it differs from a traditional phone system. “Most people have no idea what the difference between an on-site PBX and hosted VoIP phone system is,” says Conor. “Part of developing new business is educating potential customers so that they can make the right decision when it comes to choosing an office phone system.”


Sonia, fluent in Italian and English, is excited to play a key role in developing VTSL’s Partner Programme. “IT providers and other companies partner with VTSL mainly because of our track-record… but also because we help them expand their offering,” she explains. “Developing those relationships over the long-term is an important part of what VTSL does, and I’m excited to help foster that.”


Conor is an avid sportsman, playing football each week, skiing whenever he can, and always trying to beat his previous records for cycling to work. Sonia on the other hand, uses the stop-watch mostly when she is cooking up a fantastic meal, true to her Italian roots. But timers aside, both Conor and Sonia have unlimited time for VTSL’s prospects and customers – a big reason they have already been such successful part of the VTSL team.


 A warm welcome to both Conor & Sonia!  You can reach them directly at and


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