Sneak preview: VTSL Mobile Phones, Click-to-call for Windows & Polycom Handsets to launch this year

  • Audra Oliver
  • 19/02/2016

VTSL will be launching several exciting new products this year, aimed at further integrating, simplifying and improving business communications.


The hosted communications company will be launching its own mobile phone service, click-to-call for all Windows-based CRM platforms (including Outlook, Outlook Express and Microsoft Dynamics) and a new suite of supported handsets—the Polycom VVX range.


Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come.


VTSL Mobile

VTSL_mobile_phone.jpgDealing with O2, Vodafone or other retail mobile providers is typically difficult and expensive, mostly due to their inflexibility. Businesses are changing all the time. New employees join and need phones, others leave and need to take their number with them, and usage varies as the business grows. With retail mobile providers, support is typically inconsistent, tariffs are not necessarily optimised for usage, and extras are charged at a premium. Plus mobile phone networks are typically a stand-alone service, not integrated with an organisation’s business telephone system.


This summer VTSL will offer its new mobile service, resulting in companies being able to have all their telephony servcies delivered by one expert provider.  The service will use Three’s network infrastructure, boasting exceptional coverage, and will be competitively priced.  The VTSL service will also 'roam' between different providers, so if there is no Three network coverage, VTSL mobile customers' phones will pick up whatever network is available. But most importantly, VTSL will be offering more flexible terms and contract lengths than retail providers, and include its first-rate support for free.  


Click-to-call for Windows Users

As of February 2016, VTSL is pleased to announce that its VoIP telephony system now integrates with Windows programmes such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as Sage, Act and others. The integration allows users to click-to-call straight from their screen. This means a user's desktop phone will start dialing a number without the person having to lift the handset an dial a number.  With a headset, the person would never even need to touch the desktop phone at all. The integration is based on TAPI technology, and means that users don't need to use their phone's Directory or programmable keys for one-touch dialing, but instead, can use whatever Windows programme they are in.


vvx-600-Polycom-ip-phone.pngPolycom VVX Handsets

VTSL will be adding the Polycom VVX range to its suite of supported handsets, meaning new and existing customers can choose from any number of phones in the range for use on VTSL’s hosted IP telephony platform.


These premium-quality desktop phones are designed for organisations and businesses of all sizes and budgets. VTSL will be offering the following models within the Polycom VVX range: 300, 310, 400, 410, 500 and 600. The Polycom VVXs can be tailored to the individual user through progammable keys much like VTSL's Mitel range. 


Additional New Services from the Hosted VoIP Business Phone System Provider 

Unofficially, there are several additional exciting developments at VTSL this year. The hosted IP phone service provider will be offering a widely applicable CRM integration so that non-Salesforce customers are able to connect their VTSL phone service to their CRM system. 


VTSL will also be introducing new web portal functionality, a meeting & screen-sharing product and structured cabling services. All of this will help to ensure that VoIP business phone system customers are able to enjoy and end-to-end communications service from a provider who offers straight-forward add-ons that are intuitive to use and easily managed.


Officially, we think it is going to be a fantastic year.


For more information on any of VTSL’s upcoming products and services please call our Sales on 020 7078 3200, ext 1, or email



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