VTSL Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

  • Audra Oliver
  • 27/06/2016

ISO-9001_Logo.jpgVTSL, the leading hosted communications provider, was recently awarded ISO 9001 Certification by the British Assessment Bureau. ISO 9001 is a quality management standard awarded to organisations who have proven to demonstrate a consistently high level of service.


ISO 9001 standards are based on seven quality management principles that senior management can apply for organisational improvement. The VoIP phone system provider had to demonstrate competence in each of these areas as well as show documented quality measurement metrics and operational procedures. The quality management principles include:

  1. Customer focus: understanding the needs of existing and future customers, meeting these requirements, measuring customer satisfaction, and managing customer relationships—all with an aim of exceeding customer expectations.

  2. Leadership: establishing a vision and direction for the organisation, setting challenging goals, empowering employees and recognising employee contributions.

  3. Engagement of people: ensuring people’s abilities are used and valued, holding people accountable, enabling participation in continual improvement, evaluation of individual performance, and enabling learning as well as open discussion of problems.

  4. Process approach: managing and measuring the capability of activities, prioritising improvement opportunities and deploying resources effectively.

  5. Improvement: improve organisational performance capabilities, aligning improvement activities, empowering people to make improvements, measuring improvement consistently and celebrating improvements.

  6. Evidence-based decision making: ensuring the accessibility of accurate and reliable data, using appropriate methods to analyse data, making decisions based on analysis and balancing data analysis with practical experience.

  7. Relationship management: identifying and selecting suppliers to manage costs, optimising resources and creating value; sharing expertise, resources information and plans with partners; collaborating on improvement and development activities and recognising supplier successes.

ISO 9001 organisations are assessed every 12 months to ensure continued commitment to quality of service. “We are pleased to have been awarded the ISO 9001 certification and hope only to continue to improve in all areas of quality,” said David Walton, Chief Financial Officer. “VTSL is not your typical VoIP phone system provider, we care about developing our client relationships for the long term and endeavour to supply a service that continually exceeds the needs of SMEs.”


For more information on ISO 9001, visit the British Assessment Bureau’s website. For more information on VTSL’s VoIP phone system, connectivity solutions or other products and services, please see their website at, or click below for a free quote.  


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