VTSL Wins Highly Commended Best VoIP Provider

  • Audra Oliver
  • 20/05/2016

HIGHLY_COMMENDED-Best-Business-ITSP-Medium-Enterprise-2016.pngITSPA, the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association, chose VTSL as a finalist for the Best Business VoIP Provider Award for both the small and medium enterprise categories, ultimately selecting VTSL as Highly Commended for the medium enterprise category. ITSPA’s Best Business ITSP Award goes to the VoIP company which has provided the best all-around voice service, and offers a good selection of business features including, "multiple telephone numbers, call queuing and support for remote workers." Given the strict criteria, including a test of the VTSL service by Malden Electronics, VTSL is very pleased to be short listed for this prestigious industry award.


As part of the application for best VoIP provider, VTSL was asked to explain how it excelled in the areas of business performance, innovation and customer service. Additionally, a case study was required to demonstrate the usefulness of VTSL's service with a real customer. Business performance was judged on how well VTSL ensures the necessary business grade quality and resilience in its phone system, and why VTSL's service is particularly good value for organisations of 1-10 and 10-150 employees. Innovation was evaluated on how VTSL differentiates its service from competitors and the new products launched over the past year.  And customer service was evaluated on how well VTSL provides customer service from the pre-sale process all the way through to the customer support.


VTSL.jpgVTSL specialises in providing state-of-the-art hosted IP phone systems, with a platform uniquely designed to specifically address the needs of small to medium sized companies. VTSL offers guaranteed voice quality through its private access network, an easy-to-use web portal as standard, and dozens of features which are all accessible on the Mitel desktop handsets. Moreover, with integrated mobile and flexible working solutions, VTSL is able to support modern working practices, increase productivity and create efficiencies in a way many other providers can't.  


VTSL also launched its Simplicity product this year, a VoIP service specifically designed for very small businesses with 6 or less users. The service which is offered at an all-inclusive rate of £9 per user, including call minutes, uses the Gigaset A540H phone and can be set-up within 48 hours of a customer placing an order. For more information on Simplicity, including full pricing, click below.


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Thanks to the team at ITSPA and all the judges for considering our entry and choosing us as a finalists an Highly Commended Best VoIP Provider for the small and medium enerprise categories respectively.