Developer Job Business Telephony Provider.jpgVTSL is looking for a graduate-level Java Software Engineer to join its development team. The successful applicant should have 1-2 years of work experience and a degree in Computer Science. VTSL offers a fun working environment and a competitive compensation package.

Please send your CV to if you would like to apply.

Job Description

VTSL is a Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS) company specialising in business telephony solutions.

Having just won the ITSPA Best VoIP Provider Award 2017, VTSL would like to invest further in bespoke applications and integrations to stay on the leading edge of business telephony. To that effect VTSL is hiring software engineers to take its in-house development to a new level.

The successful candidates will join VTSL’s current developer to form a small development team. The team is to develop a variety of products enhancing the capabilities of VTSL's phone system. These range from internal tooling to external APIs, web applications, and integrations with 3rd Party software systems.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with the process of shaping the development efforts early. It will provide a chance to have real impact on the process of development, and learn new skills.

VTSL offers a very competitive compensation package.

Responsibilities include:

    - Designing, implementing and testing new software including RESTful APIs, web applications and                         standalone applications with high level of integration with VTSL’s phone system
    - Maintaining and improving VTSL’s legacy software
    - Working towards improving VTSL’s development cycle

Qualifications required:

    - Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or similar subject (2:1  minimum)
    - Experience with Java, SQL and HTML
Candidates are also expected to have experience some, but not all of the following:

    -  1+ years of work experience
    - Apache Wicket
    - Java 8
    - JPA (Hibernate)
    - Javascript
    - Basic Computer Networks
    - Test Driven Development
    - Scrum
    - Dependency injection (Google Guice)
    - Build Automation Tools (Gradle)
    - HTTP
    - OAuth (OAuth2)
    - Scala


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