10 Great Ideas for Call Queue Wait Announcements

Call Queue Wait Announcement Ideas

What is call queuing? Call queuing helps to provide better customer service by managing a high volume of inbound calls.  Incoming calls are automatically put in a queue and the caller is regularly told their place in the queue.  For organisations like GP practices, which receive a high volume of inbound calls first thing in the morning, a call queue can be the difference between a frustrating caller experience, and a pleasant one.  If your customers get a busy tone, or voicemail box when they call, the battle to provide excellent customer service is lost before it has begun.  But call queues offer more than just a way of avoiding frustrating customers . They are an opportunity.  Play a Call Queue Wait Announcement that is both interesting to the customer and meaningful to your business, and you have succeeded in knocking two birds out with one stone.

A good call queuing system will allow you to play a personalised recording, or music, to your customers while they wait on hold.  The message plays on a loop until the call is answered by an agent.  These Call Queue Wait Announcements provide an invaluable opportunity to communicate with your customers, or even just help them relax with some soothing music.  Here we give you our top 10 ideas to make your wait announcement memorable. 

1. Classical music

At VTSL, our hold music is Clair de Lune by Debussy - a beautiful and relaxing piece of classical music. For busy customers, a song like this can provide a island of serenity, even if only for a minute or two while they wait. It helps them relax and calm them down if they are upset.

2. New product promotion

It is hard to get the word out about new products and services. Moreover, it is hard to educate people on the benefits the new products provide.  With your Wait Announcement, you have a captive audience!  Use the time to explain what new services are on offer and what problems they solve.

3.   Upbeat music

Music says something about your brand, and a classical piece of music might be to 'old' or 'boring' for your brand.  If this is the case, find a fun, popular song that will put the listener in a good mood, and accurately portray your brand image. 

4.  Holiday messages 

If your hours change during holidays, or if you are closed, your Call Queue Wait Announcement is a great place to tell customers.  You can also wish them a Merry Christmas, or a nice day off if it is a bank holiday.

5. Top 5 customer questions - answered

What are the top 5 questions your agents are being asked on a daily basis?  Perhaps it is how to return something, or how to do / find something on your website.  Use the Call Queue Wait Announcement as an opportunity to answer questions before the caller has even had a chance to ask.

6. Company jingle 

If you don't have a company jingle, maybe it is time to write one?  While seen as a bit cheesy, and certainly not right for all companies, a good jingle will be catchy and leave the caller singing your brand name all day long (i.e. top of mind when it comes to recommending you).

7.  Little known features or benefits of current products

We would venture to say that many customers are not using products and services to their fullest, and if they did, they would feel more positively about them.  While your customers wait to speak to someone, why not teach them about the features and benefits they may not be aware of?

8.  Events

It doesn't have to be a party, you could let customers know about any event that you would like to see them at, or let them know you are attending.  Perhaps it is a trade conference, or an annual event from your sector's leading association.

9.  Company news

Help your customers get to know you better, and develop the relationship by keeping them up to date on what is happening.  Are their any new employees?  Did you win any awards?  Are your offices moving? Give them the latest news while they wait.

10.  Discounts, sales and offers

Everybody likes to save money.  And every company likes to sell more products!  Tell your callers about any discounts, sales or offers that are available to them.  You can also use the Call Queue Wait Announcement to explain how your referral programmes works.


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