Why a Cloud Voice System is Crucial for GPs - Part I

By Dan Rue

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, general practices have seen the long standing challenges they face magnified and have had entirely new challenges thrown upon them. One such challenge is finding a phone system that meets the needs of both patients and staff who may not be able (or allowed) to physically come into the practice. 


My SoftPhone Doesn't Work!

With the rise in working-from-home, many of us are now using softphones - which has lots of benefits.  Users can make and receive calls from their work number, transfer calls, conference calls, and talk as long as they want without using mobile minutes. But what many people working from home forget, is that soft phones are only as good as the WiFi and broadband they are connected to. And with demands on domestic broadband greater than ever between email, CRM systems and video, the competition for bandwidth can be fierce. 


Is Your GP Practice Using a Call Recording System for Complaints?

Usually patients are limited in their ability to lodge a complaint to directly to their surgery. They can 1) speak to the receptionist, 2) write a feedback card 3) email a general surgery address, or 4) fill out text/online questionnaires.

But what  about a call recording system?


What is Group Twinning & How Can It Benefit My Business?

Group Twinning is a surprisingly unknown but powerful feature that enables all Group Calls to be twinned with mobiles (or other third party numbers). Each group member sets the number they want their calls twinned with.  Most of the time this is a mobile, but it could be any number, for example a landline home number.


What is SD-WAN? Here Is What You Need to Know

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows companies to leverage any combination of transport services, including broadband internet services, to securely connect users to applications (video, voice, cloud-based programmes, etc).


4 Innovations That Are Revolutionising The Telecoms Industry

Telecoms innovations impact nearly everyone. Smartphones for example, have transformed the way we live our lives, do business and buy products.  5G is about to transform our ability to download and stream data at high speeds across the UK. And it is safe to say that innovations in video and instant messaging mean that we are no longer bound by physical phone lines or simple voice and text communications.


Voice Assistants Are Going to Transform Work & Life: Here is how

We have long known the power voice has in everything from providing an amazing customer experience to selling a product.  Hearing someone speak in their own words, and respond thoughtfully, can never be replaced with technology. It is after all the human connection that so much of business relies on.  But this is not to say technology isn’t moving quickly in the voice department. 


Why VoIP Telephony & CRM System Integration is a Must-Have for Business Optimisation

Telephony has become much more than just a form of communication. It has the ability to promote innovation, efficiency and integration.