Is the Office Dead? No. But it Will Probably Look More Like This

by Lauren Murphy

Is the office as we knew it, dead? This topic has been widely debated since the pandemic began close to a year ago. Undoubtedly, the office environments we will be returning to will look different to those we left behind - but how many of us will truly return? 


5 Reasons Landlords Should 'Light up' their Space with Fibre Connections

By Lauren Murphy

With the flexible managed offering becoming more prevalent than ever, and the coronavirus pandemic accelerating that trend, traditional landlords need to adapt to ensure they aren’t left behind.


The Top 5 Questions Customers Ask Me Everyday

by Lucy Antunes

Christmas is just around the corner now, and what a year this has been. With seemingly endless lockdowns and constant working from home, most of us have found us in situations we would never have dreamed of a year ago.  


How GP's Can Reduce the Impact of Practice Closures

By Lee Zweig

With winter coming and local lockdowns popping up all over the country, the likelihood of staff needing to isolate, or even practice closures, is increasing.  Fortunately, technology is here to help. Staff can work from home as effectively (or close to) if they have the right tools.  


8 Reasons To Go Back To The Office

While many people have enjoyed working from home over the past few months, there is a broad recognition that a completely home-based workforce can’t compare to one that has the ability to collaborate in-person. The serendipitous consequences of accidentally overhearing something you needed to know, or the unintended collaboration that occurs simply by sitting next to someone (even 2m apart), have value – a value that will no doubt end up quantified through an increasing number of studies like this one as we get more data from lockdown.


6 Ways to Improve Your Broadband During Lockdown

As lockdown measures are gradually eased, one thing is clear - people that can work from home, will be working from home for the foreseeable future. But what if you theoretically can work from home, but can't practically, due to a poor broadband connection? I recently had a video meeting with someone who was working in their utility room because it offered the best WiFi signal in the house (despite the visual interference from laundry baskets). 


List of Ways Your Business Can Get Financial Support During COVID-19

With the impact of coronavirus being felt by businesses across the UK, we know that many of you are concerned about how your business and staff will be affected. This is a list of information, resources and places to go for support.  


The Big Life Lessons of COVID-19

No matter where you live on earth, it is safe to say coronavirus has affected your life. As we find ourselves forced to stay at home, change the way we work and think carefully about how we get food, it is hard to ignore the lessons that COVID-19 is helping us to learn. The gravest of which is to value our elders, each other and life as we know it.


Moving Office?  Here is how to ensure it goes smoothly

Moving offices is exciting — a brand new space, with new local coffee shops and places for lunch. The only problem is the move itself.  Office moves require planning, time and very careful organisation.  There are lots of moving parts to juggle and without a comprehensive list of what needs to be done, you could find yourself without internet connectivity or working phones.  Here we share with you 4 office moving tips that will help ensure your transition is a smooth one.


Want To Boost Productivity? Start With These Small Changes

Transforming a business doesn't have to take thousands of pounds, management consultants or new training initiatives. It can happen through the smallest of changes. For example, a study found that when hospitals followed a simple checklist before a surgical procedure, death rates decreased by 40 percent. When Marriot implemented workplace flexibility, the company found that low-value work dropped from 11.7 hours per week to only 6.8 hours, and productivity increased even though the number of hours worked decreased.