How GP's Can Reduce the Impact of Practice Closures

Surgery Closed Coronavirus-1

By Lee Zweig

With winter coming and local lockdowns popping up all over the country, the likelihood of staff needing to isolate, or even practice closures, is increasing.  Fortunately, technology is here to help. Staff can work from home as effectively (or close to) if they have the right tools.  

So rather than waiting for the worst to happen, you can take steps now to: 

  1. Reduce the risk of practice closures

  2. Enable staff who are isolating to keep working 

Most surgeries now have laptops with full access to clinical systems.  Provide them with a softphone, and they will have all the tools they need to work from home effectively.  

Clinical staff can carry out telephone triage securely and professionally, instead of relying on mobiles.  

Receptionists can answer calls as part of a team, as if they were in the practice. 

And managers can use analytics and dashboards to ensure staff are still productive. 

So whether you want to be prepared in case an outbreak happens, or you want to reduce the risk by introducing some home working now, softphones should form a key part of your plans.  

VTSL has helped many practices implement various work from home measures throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We would be happy to give you free advice on improving resiliency at your practice, and reducing the risk of closure - just email me at or call me on 020 70783106.

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