8 Reasons To Go Back To The Office

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While many people have enjoyed working from home over the past few months, there is a broad recognition that a completely home-based workforce can’t compare to one that has the ability to collaborate in-person. The serendipitous consequences of accidentally overhearing something you needed to know, or the unintended collaboration that occurs simply by sitting next to someone (even 2m apart), have value – a value that will no doubt end up quantified through an increasing number of studies like this one as we get more data from lockdown.

So while there are of course reasons not to go back to the office, the reasons to go back are substantial, and should be considered by those weighing up the pros and cons.

1. Unintended collaboration

Put people in a room together and some fascinating things will happen. Solutions are found, ideas develop, and people gain important insights they would have never otherwise been exposed to

2. Relationship building

Relationship building is the key to success in most arenas of business. The relationships you have within your organisation are critical for getting the support you need to do your job well.  And nothing builds a relationship better than a face-to-face conversation.

3. Workspace balance

Part of having a good work-life balance, is having a good workspace balance.  Going to a building dedicated to work allows home to be a safe haven for relaxing and turning ‘off’.  Muddle the two consistently, and you lose out on both fronts.

4. Recalibrating to the new normal

Coronavirus is here to stay, and there is no telling when a vaccine will be widely available. We all will need to adjust to our new reality at some point, and delaying this inevitability will just make it harder later.  

5. Team generated problem-solving

Things go wrong in business, and having people on the ground working together to instantly come up with solutions can mean the difference between failure or success.

6. Missing out

Are you someone that has FOMO (fear of missing out)? How will you feel when all the key people you work with are in the office, while you work from home?

7. Quicker communication

No form of communication is quicker that talking directly to someone.  Not only is it more efficient, it ensures there is less opportunity for misunderstanding.

8. Company loyalty / employee retention 

Team spirit, company culture, deep friendships – these are the things that keep people happy at a company, and are also the things impossible to develop well over video calls alone.

Most people want to see their colleagues, and they miss the synergies sparked by working in the same room as others.  If employers put the appropriate safety measures in place, and take it one baby step at a time, many may jump at the chance to return to the office - benefiting staff and business alike.  

Please note that ALL businesses should follow the government advice for their sector with regard to returning to the office. VTSL does not advocate returning to the office if it is against government guidelines or not safe to do so. 

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