8 Things You Should Know About the New VTSL Self-Service Portal

  • Lucy Antunes
  • 26-Jan-2021 10:38:56

Customer Self Service Portal 2

by Lucy Antunes

VTSL recently launched a self-service portal for customers, providing them with capabilities that they previously did not have. This includes things such as adding new products, accessing in-depth knowledge base articles and the ability to submit support case tickets. Note that this is different to the normal online portal, which allows administrators and users to manage their telephony system and its features.

Here are 8 things VTSL customers should know about the new self-service portal.

Access it anywhere

The VTSL self-service portal is accessible via a URL that can be used when working at home, at the office or on a device like a mobile / tablet when out and about.

Easily view any invoice

The new VTSL self-service portal provides access to all invoices within an account.

Place new orders

One of the most important features of the self-service portal is the ability to place new orders, and cancel them. Customers simply click ‘New Order’ and then select the products / services they need (each with a picture and description), before ‘checking out’.

View order history and status of new orders

With the new self-service portal customers can see their order history and the status of any old or new orders placed. This allows the customer to see the progress of their order in real-time.

Submit a support case

Customers can also raise cases for any faults and enquiries. Before, when a case was logged against an account, customers would wait for an email from VTSL that would let them know their query was being dealt with. Now, in the self-service portal, customers can see exactly what comments are made on cases, and what the status is.

Access Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? It has probably been asked before. In the FAQ section of the self-service portal, you can view a wide range of FAQ that may give you just the answer you need, fast.

Find Knowledge Base Articles

In addition to FAQ, there are dozens of Knowledge Base articles that include user guides, how-to videos, installation guides and more. If you need help with an application or service, this is a good place to start.

View live status reports

You can access VTSL’s network status page via the portal.

So as you can see, VTSL’s self-service portal is designed to empower customers, save them time and enable them to access resources not previously available. And after speaking to a number of customers recently about what they thought of the new portal, their feedback confirms the portal is achieving exactly what it was created for. Helping customers to be ‘self-sufficient’ removes work for all parties, making processes more efficient and saving time. Plus, because customers are able to modify their VTSL account throughout their contract without being tied down to longer terms, they can optimise services to exactly what is needed at any given time.

All in all, while the VTSL Success Team will always be available to answer questions, place new orders and help customers with any issues they may be having — it should be nice to know that you can also now do these things on your own with the new VTSL self-service portal.

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