Your Quick Guide to Telecoms Industry Terms

At VTSL, we pride ourselves on speaking to you in plain English, without heavy technical jargon that often confuses even the most tech-savvy individuals. Whether you are a trained IT expert, or an office manager with little telecoms knowledge, we want you to know what you are getting and feel like we speak the same language you do.  


New Technologies to Get Excited About in 2019

New technology has a way of creeping up on us. Starting off as a geeky trend, or a privilege of a select few, suddenly it appears everywhere. Things like the microwave, home alarm system, VoIP business phone system, and of course the smartphone, all started off as obscure technologies.  Now they are commonplace. But what new technology can we expect to make it big in 2019? Each year, we like to take a guess.  Here are 5 cutting edge technological developments we think may impact your business (or life) next year.