4 Innovations That Are Revolutionising The Telecoms Industry

Telecoms innovations impact nearly everyone. Smartphones for example, have transformed the way we live our lives, do business and buy products.  5G is about to transform our ability to download and stream data at high speeds across the UK. And it is safe to say that innovations in video and instant messaging mean that we are no longer bound by physical phone lines or simple voice and text communications.


Want To Boost Productivity? Start With These Small Changes

Transforming a business doesn't have to take thousands of pounds, management consultants or new training initiatives. It can happen through the smallest of changes. For example, a study found that when hospitals followed a simple checklist before a surgical procedure, death rates decreased by 40 percent. When Marriot implemented workplace flexibility, the company found that low-value work dropped from 11.7 hours per week to only 6.8 hours, and productivity increased even though the number of hours worked decreased.