The 9 Worst Phrases you Can Say in Customer Service

We have all experienced it.  The customer service rep who is rude, makes the problem you need solved worse, tells you that it is your fault, or has no idea how to solve the problem. No doubt the effect this has on your impression of the brand and product is lasting.  Your time is valuable and as a customer, problems should be solved quickly and respectfully. 

Luckily, when it comes to your own organisation, there are key phrases you can teach your customer service team to avoid that will help prevent ruffled feathers.  Even the friendliest of customer reps can say the wrong thing, and knowing what to say is as much a learned skill as it is a natural one. Providing reps with the technological tools they need to do a good job helps as well.  CRM-email integration and CRM-telephony integration are a good place to start, particularly systems that have automatic record-keeping and caller record-screen-pop.  VTSL and SalesForce have an affordable option on this front should you be looking for one.

But technology aside, simply educating your customer service team on what not to say will have an immediate impact on customer satisfaction.  Below are is an infographic from our friends at Hubspot detailing what NOT to say, and what can be said instead.


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