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Voip_providers_business_phone_systems_spacily_.jpgPerhaps your offices aren’t quite up to scratch for the investors meeting. Maybe you don’t have offices yet, but need a professional place for a business meeting. Or perhaps you need presentation equipment and an impressive location, but only for a couple hours. Whatever the reason may be, instead of trawling through Google to find the perfect venue, our advice is to go to—an online meeting room booking platform that is as comprehensive as it is easy to use. 

The website is elegantly straightforward.  Just type in the number of people, desired room layout and meeting duration. You can select additional services if you need them, such as catering or audio visual equipment. Then simply sort venues by location, price, facilities and ambiance to ensure you get the right space, in the right place. 

The best part is, Spacily is free to use and won’t charge you more than if you had gone to the venue directly.

Local London entrepreneur, Knut Gaskjenn, started Spacily after noticing that many of London’s venues were suffering from the economic downturn, while many assistants, meeting planners and freelance Londoners were spending hours trying to find the right meeting space. Even with the rising trend in online meetings, face-to-face meetings have been increasing year on year across a wide range of sectors. The solution to Mr. Gaskjenn seemed obvious.

Bridging the supply of unused meeting rooms with the demand of professionals was the way forward. And now, thanks to Spacily, anyone can find mid to high-end meeting rooms and book them online without having to ask everyone they know for suggestions.

 “The London meetings and venue market has been struggling for a very long time – since the recession. We wanted to come up with a solution that helped venues to grow by unlocking underutilised spaces to combat the changes that are happening as a result of the uptake of virtual meetings,” Mr. Gaskjenn explained.

He continues, “At the same time, we wanted to introduce simplicity to a time-consuming selection process for users. Face-to-face meetings matter as they facilitate the development of businesses through better and clearer communication. Meeting rooms are conversation starters, talking points, and investing in people has never been more important. A handshake lasts longer in the mind than an email.”

Even for established businesses that have their own lovely meeting rooms, Spacily offers both a type of space and atmosphere you may not have, as well as an opportunity to host gatherings in areas of London that are more convenient for your attendees than your own office.

We like it.

Watch Spacily’s video here.

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