Give Your Sales Team an Edge With Emerging Tech

Technology for Sales VoIP Business Phone system UK service provider.jpgThese days being good at your job means being able to maximise the latest technology.  Whether it is a meeting scheduling software, a mobile app for your office phone, or implementing a unified communications solution — those who are able to master the latest tech, get ahead quicker.  This is particularly true for sales teams.  No longer does a nice smile and a convincing pitch bring home the most bacon. Evolution is critical to survival, and these three emerging technologies can help.  

Advanced Automation

Successful sales teams are adopting technologies like voice-to-text and text-to-voice apps, automated scheduling apps that arrange meetings based on digital notes and recorded conversations, and CRM workflows (or sales bots) that automate numerous pre-sales functions. These tools eliminate the need for salespeople to perform tasks like manually recording contact with prospects, and they enable your organisation to more easily collect valuable data.

The average salesperson at your company might send 10 emails, make a dozen phone calls and talk to five prospects on the phone while receiving responses to emails. In the past, each of these activities would have to be manually entered into a CRM system to track activities. Sales automation tools, like VTSL’s VoIP telephony CRM integration and Cirrus Insight, capture the interactions automatically, enabling the sales professional to focus on building relationships.

Advanced Analytics

After years of buzz about advanced analytics’ potential, many companies are now using these types of solutions. One popular example is the digitalised sales playbook — a more modern take on the classic sales playbook, which outlines the standard objectives, techniques and metrics salespeople follow to close deals. The digital sales playbook incorporates analytics.

The digital sales playbook and other advanced sales analytics tools can use data to accurately pinpoint prospects’ location in the sales funnel and provide more insights salespeople can use to make decisions about tactics. This means that rather than relying primarily on instinct and intuition to manage opportunities, salespeople can access analytics to help them plan how to effectively pursue an opportunity.

AI Guidance

The next frontier in sales technology goes beyond advanced automation and analytics, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning elements to map out a path to success. Sales tools like this don’t just deliver information that confirms or contradicts salespeople’s instincts — instead, they generate a blueprint for success in the form of specific actions sales professionals can take to close deals faster.

These sales tools drive revenue through predictive selling, using AI to analyse huge datasets in real-time, evaluate buyer signals and assess market changes as they happen. Whereas the digital sales playbook that is becoming popular is static, AI-based guidance creates a dynamic digital sales playbook, using AI to prioritise leads, make more relevant recommendations and improve proposal timing.


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