5 Hidden iPhone Features You Will Use

Do you find it easier to learn new things by watching? Then you may want to watch this - if you have an iPhone that is. This video by Tech Insider shows you 5 hidden iPhone features that only power users know about. From head movement screen control to LED flashing notifications, they are all cool, even if a bit geeky.

It isn't just our iPhones however. Most technology has useful features that we don't know about, from our refrigerator to our office phone system. Even people that read the entire user manual when they buy a new technology product, are not able to remember how to use all the features.  


iPhone_6_Hidden_Features.jpgWhile we can't help you get to know your refrigerator's features better, we can help you get to know your office phone system better. In addition to your new iPhone feature knowledge, here are 5 features of your MItel office phone system from VTSL that you may not be using, that could very well make work easier and your company more efficient.

1.  Pick-up call groups

Pickup groups allow any member of the group to answer a call ringing on a group member’s phone. Members of the group are determined on the web portal. Group members can answer these calls by simply pressing the group Pickup key. This feature ensures that every call into your company is answered by making it easy for your staff to answer calls on behalf of a co-worker who is away from their phone.

2. International numbers

This  is one awesome feature of your business phone system. Users can have an international phone number instead of a local one, and can dial from that number and receive calls as if in that country. For example if you are trying to break into the US market, you could have a NYC phone number so it doesn't look like you are calling from overseas, and so that NYC businesses can call a local number to reach you. The best part?  It is not expensive.

3. Multiple device registration

This is just a fancy way of saying that you can make and receive call from your business phone number on a variety of devices, including your mobile phone, tablet, computer... and of course, office phone. Email support if you want multiple device registration.

4.  10-way calls

Your phone is capable of ten-way calls if you have a hosted business phone system from VTSL. This means up to ten people can share a conversation over the phone and you can quickly and easily collaborate with external or internal callers without the need to use expensive third party conference bridges. Perhaps your 8 year old can just have a birthday party over the phone this year?

5. CRM system integration 

Your IT partner has probably already recommended phone system and CRM integration. But in case you are worried about it being difficult to implement, or train staff, it isn't. Whether you have Salesforce or another CRM system, you can easily connect your office phone system for no-hassle call logging and click-to-dial. It makes keeping records up-to-date much easier and placing calls virtually effortless.

Don't have much time but want to integrate some of these features into your business phone system? Let us help. Email

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