How the Right Technology Can Transform Recruitment Firms

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The recruitment industry is booming. Companies House recorded the launch of 5,824 new recruitment agencies in 2017, and the sector is responsible for more than £28 billion in revenue in the UK.

Competition is fierce and many companies disappear just as quickly as they pop up. In the end however, the recruitment industry boils down to survival of the fittest. And those with the best people, processes and technology are better positioned to stay alive. 

Luckily, each day there is a new technology that promises to revolutionise the way professional service firms handle clients, store data, process invoices, communicate with prospects, find candidates or any number of other important functions.

But where should a recruitment firm start given time and money are of the essence?

Recruitment consultants make hundreds of phone calls everyday speaking to candidates and clients. Telephony is the lifeblood of a successful firm, and arguably the most important piece of technology that a recruitment consultant will use. As such choosing the right telephone system is critical, and the first place to start in developing a winning strategy.

When considering a new phone service, bear in mind there are 5 key capabilities a recruitment firm’s telephony system should have :

1. CRM integration: Click-to-dial out of your CRM solution (Bullhorn, SalesForce, Invenias, etc) and automatically keep track of interaction between you and your contacts. Integration will ensure you don’t lose valuable time manually dialling numbers, scribbling down notes, recording meetings and logging calls. 

2. Work from home or on the go: The best consultants will try to meet their clients and candidates as often as possible. A hosted VoIP phone system allows you to work from home or on the road just as if you were on your desk phone, and never miss that important phone call.

3. International numbering: The most successful recruitment firms are expanding to the U.S. and continent. This is very difficult to achieve however without a local presence. With international numbering, you can have any international number you want, saving you the cost of actually having to setup an office locally.

4. Call recording: With call recording, you can easily listen to and / or download all the conversations that you have had. This is particularly useful when you need to review exactly what was said to a client when discussing their requirements.

5. Connect multiple sites: Need to call your colleagues abroad or initiate a conference call with them? This can all be achieved with a push of a button at no cost. A hosted VoIP phone system allows you to interconnect your London office with your Manchester office or even that satellite office you might have in Hong Kong.

The best part of telephony technology is that with a hosted VoIP system, firms can get a new phone service set up quickly, with all of these features, and (most likely) save money. Hosted VoIP business telephony is delivered as a service, which means the service provider does all the work.  A good service provider will offer installation for free, as well as all your technical support.  Plus you can scale your phone system easily, adding new sites or offices to your existing network with very little notice.  Changes are made easily using the online portal, so new users and new features can be added or removed with the click of a button.  User permissions can be set, numbers blocked, call reports viewed and much more.

While switching telephony providers may seem daunting, and potentially more complicated than it is worth - it isn't.  Find out more about how the right technology can help your recruitment agency get ahead today at or by calling 020 7078 3200.

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