How To Use Technology to Entice People Back to The Office

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It looks as though hybrid working is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Some companies haven't had issues getting people back into the office three days a week. Others are struggling to get their employees back in for one. What is first office doing that the second isn't?  If we analyse the companies who have employees that are happy to come in versus the companies that can't get people in for love nor money, are there lessons to be learned?

As it turns out, there are absolutely things you can do to make your office a more attractive place to work than home - one that people want to come to.  (And believe it or not, it doesn't involve getting a beer fridge and bean bags - although that doesn't hurt). Below are the top 7 to-do's for companies that want to be in the 'Oh pleeease let me come into the office!' camp. 

1) High speed internet

You may think you already have high-speed internet. But do you really?  High-speed enough that people can have video calls all day long while their colleagues download massive documents? Research shows that THE biggest draw for employees coming into the office was 'a better IT set-up' - which is largely down to ultra high-speed internet.  What are your options if yours isn't already super fast?  It depends on your office location and whether fibre is already installed in the building or not. More than likely it is a fairly easy upgrade.

2) Desks enabled for video calls 

Part of a better IT set-up is ensuring employees can easily have video calls from their desk in the office. You may need to install acoustic walls between desks, cameras and high definition screens that staff can plug their laptop into.  You will also want to get headsets with good microphones too.  This is mission-critical in an age where many meetings are video calls. 

3) Desk phones staff can log into

One thing that most employees don't have at home is a desk phone.  If you have a sales or customer service team that is on the phone a lot, they will need their office desktop phone (although VTSL does provide office phones that work in people's homes). So make the desk phones nice!  Ensure they are modern, set-up correctly, easy to use and most importantly, that staff can log-in to any phone in the office and have their personal settings and speed-dials pop-up.

4) Amazing video conference room

With lots of suppliers, customers and prospects still not opting for in-person meetings, many important meetings end up being video calls between your team and theirs.  Make sure that when your team is in the office, you are equipped to have an issue-free video call in a meeting room that is set up with the most modern tech; for example, movement-detecting video cameras, next generation microphones and a plasma flat-screen wall display.  Moreover, make sure that there is a conference phone in the room and that staff can easily connect their laptops to the screen.  

5) Printing and scanning 

Not everyone has the ability to print and scan from home, and this is one capability that will likely draw staff in, particularly younger staff who may not own a printer. Ensure that all employees have the ability to print and scan without having to call IT for help.  Also ensure printers are fully loaded with toner and paper.  

What else?

If you are having employees hot desk, give them a drawer or cubie hole (yes like nursery school) that is just their own. It needs to be somewhere private where they can put items they want to leave in the office.  Also think about how easy it is to actually get into the office.  Do employees need a key card or fob that they have to remember to take with them?  Perhaps switch to QR codes on phones for entry or biometric methods like fingerprints. 

The bottom line is this: you need employees in the office. And they need an office that works for them better than home. With a minimal investment, you an ensure your office is equipped with the technology you need to be a place everyone wants to come (at least during the week).  :) 


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