Why The Best Technology Doesn't Need an Acronym

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If you have ever had to speak to a telecoms company about a new phone system, or even an IT company about installing new internet connection, you will probably remember the sales rep using a lot of baffling acronyms that made the entire process more confusing than it needed to be.  PoP, VoIP, LAN, WAN, VPS, GEA, BPS, might have been a few you heard mentioned. The information technology and telecoms industries are rife with such abbreviations, that should in theory, make conversations quicker - but given most of us don't speak technology-acronym language, they serve to do much the opposite.  

Here are a few you can use for your next IT call, or to decipher your next business phone system quote.

PoP - Point of Presence 

VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

LAN - Local Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

VPS - Voice Processing System

DTH - Direct to Home

BPS - Bits Per Second

EFM - Ethernet First Mile

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

GEA - Generic Ethernet Access

MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching

SDN - Software Defined Network

You shouldn't need a cheat sheet however to decipher a quote, or have a meaningful conversation with a sales rep about getting a new internet connection, or a phone system that integrates with your CRM system (CRM is Customer Relationship Management btw). Technology providers should not need to dazzle and confuse you with a rich vocabulary of acronyms, they should be able to explain things in simple terms, and answer questions in a straightforward way.

Jeremy Clarkson recently wrote a Sunday Times column titled: I don’t care if these blasted abbreviations are MIA, Awol, KIA or DOA. I just want them gone. He explained that he received an email the other day that said the sender was OOO. Not knowing what this meant, Jeremy decided to make up his own acronym for his reply, "So we are all BYY then?".  Who knows how long the person on the receiving end spend Googling BYY, but the point is, you have power too.  Give the acronym-afflicted sales rep a run for his money with your very own ADTC (acronyms designed to confuse), and see if he starts speaking in words that 99.999% of the population actually understand. 

At VTSL, we believe that good technology is simple - it works, it can be explained in plain English, and doesn't need a series of long training sessions to use properly.  

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