The One thing All Successful Recruitment Firms Are Doing

  • Lee Zweig
  • 22-Jun-2019 13:38:48

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Being a recruitment consultant requires an enormous amount of organisation, motivation and skill. Recruiters often speak to hundreds of candidates and clients each week. They have to keep track of dozens of vacancies, stay in touch with people across the globe, and ensure that they are performing the right due diligence for each and every possible hire. It isn't easy. In fact, it is insanely busy and very difficult to do well. 

These days there is a lot of rhetoric about using technology to make work easier. Thousands of new software applications emerge each year, promising to 'streamline processes', 'create efficiencies' and reduce 'admin work'.   And some of them may do that.  But implementing them takes time and money, and moreover, there is a period in which no one knows how to use the new application, mistakes are made and problems occur. 

This isn't to say you shouldn't start using a recruitment specific software like Bullhorn CRM.  The most successful recruitment firms definitely use CRM systems designed for their unique needs.  But there is something else that the most successful recruitment firms use that is easy, inexpensive and incredibly effective at empowering consultants to do their jobs better: it is a call recording feature.

These days you can get a VoIP business telephony system, with cloud-based call recording applications (amongst other features) at an incredibly affordable price, with a very quick implementation time.  What does cloud-based mean? It means that all the recordings are stored in the cloud and easily accessed from the customer's private online portal.  Consultants can quickly search for calls by number, time, day, incoming / outgoing, missed / answered and a variety of other metrics. Moreover managers can listen to calls to make sure consultants are working to the firm's high standards, and offer recordings of the best calls to new starters for training purposes.  But most importantly, consultants can share a candidate's phone interview with clients, simply by attaching the recording to an email, building trust and creating total transparency.  

Here are a few reasons the most successful recruitment firms have IP business telephony systems with call recording:

  • It is motivating to know you are being recorded - consultants will likely do a better job when call recording is active

  • Call recordings provide a record of details that can be referred back to, saving time and the need to take pages of notes

  • No more having to write in-depth emails selling candidates to clients, just give a quick overview and attach the phone interview call recording

  • Nothing will create more trust between a consultant and a client than having a total transparent candidate qualification process via an actual interview recording

  • With the right system, call recordings can be accessed, listened to and emailed as attachments from anywhere... mobile phones, etc

  • New starters learn more quickly by listening to recordings of the best client and candidate calls

  • Managers have tangible evidence of performance for reviews 

  • Unlike software, there isn't a steep learning curve when using call recording

  • Everyone likes to save money! A good call recording system should only cost a couple pounds a month per user

Not all cloud-call recording systems are the same. There are several things you should look for when determining which is right for your organisation.  1) Make sure that you are clear on how long you can keep recordings for, and what the fees are if you choose to keep them longer.  Often telecoms service providers will sign you up with a low price for 1 year of recordings, and then charge you the earth when you decide to keep them longer.  2) Make sure that your recordings are searchable by lots of different variables so that you can easily locate recordings. If you can't quickly find the call recording you want, then the system won't be particularly useful.  3) Make sure recordings are in a format that users can listen to easily from their browsers, just by pressing 'play'.  Most devices will play .wav or .mp3 files. 4) Make sure you have the ability to easily email recordings, i.e. attach them to emails. 5) Find out about mobiles. Does the system work on employees mobiles?

Technology can streamline processes and create efficiencies, but those that are low cost and quick to implement are few and far between. That is why the most successful recruitment firms use cloud-based call recording to get ahead. To find out more or to get a quote for your recruitment firm, email or call 020 7078 3200.

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