Productivity Apps That Will Add Hours to Your Day

  • Kate Davies
  • 14-Oct-2017 17:08:42

Productivity apps hosted voip business phone system provider-1.jpgIt isn't about trying to jam more into our days that has us so keen on productivity apps, as it is about expending less effort to get the same amount done. These apps will help you do, write, make and collaborate in an easier way. So don't be a creature of habit and work harder and longer to get less done - get a productivity app! Here are our unified communications experts' top 5.


Pocket captures your favourite articles and sites so you can check them out later– eliminating the annoying need to constantly email or text yourself links. It has an adjustable reading setting that removes annoying ads, and the offline feature allows you to read your saved articles even if you aren't online.


Think of this app as a way to instantly unload those random thoughts cluttering your brain. It works similarly to Siri, so you can speak into your phone, allowing it to act as a net for your ideas, and then send them straight to your inbox. (It does the same for typed messages or photos.) We like to use it with Evernote to make note-taking actually fun.


Freedom is one of the tried-and-true apps our team has been using for years to help us block distractions and stay focused. It allows you to shut off your internet access for a set period of time, in turn giving you “freedom” from getting sucked into social media, holiday planning, dinner reservation-making and of course... online shopping. You will be stunned at how productive you are when you are forced to stay focused.


Athletes typically use this mental training app to help them overcome performance anxiety and meet their physical goals. Based on the science surrounding sports psychology, it gives you one-on-one mentoring and anecdotal wisdom, making it seem like you are working with a real coach. In the work realm: Have a huge meeting approaching? A deadline to meet? Cramming for a certification exam? The app works effectively to keep you motivated.

Salesforce 1

Let's be honest. Most of us live on our mobile phones even at work. And now with VoIP business phone systems providing things like mobile twinning, and unified communications apps that let you use your mobile JUST like your office phone, it only makes sense that we start to use business apps to do things quicker. Enter Salesforce 1. Any call you make or take on your mobile, it will log for you in the appropriate contact record. You can also pull up sales figures in a flash and get urgent notifications instantly. The best part? You can customise it to do the actions your company requires.


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