How Phone Call Analytics Can Transform Your Business

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When most people hear the word 'data', or ‘analytics’, they imagine pages of numbers, long documents and graphs that do more to confuse than explain.

But some data is simple — it is easy to find, easy to understand and helpful to both employees and managers, particularly in sales or customer service teams.  The data we are talking about is phone call data. It doesn’t need to be crunched or run through sophisticated AI platforms to conclude something meaningful.  It can be as straightforward as a name with a number of missed incoming calls next to it; or the number of rings before calls are answered; or a list of agents with the number of calls made.  When you put these statistics in front of everyone on a live digital board in the office, the results can be transformational. Here are 5 ways phone call analytics can transform your business, particularly when displayed on VTSL’s Wallboard.

1. Incite some healthy competition

No one wants to be the worst at something, and everyone likes to win.  So by posting key call stats for sales and service agents, you can avoid having to motivate people with pep talks, or worse yet, threats. Seeing how they rank against others in their team will kick them into gear.  With VTSL’s Wallboard you can show the number of calls made, the number of calls missed, the duration of calls, the number of minutes spent on a call, and more.

2. Ensure you are living up to your promises

If you tell customers their call is answered within 3 rings, it better be true.  With phone system analytics you can ensure this is happening, and prove it.

3. Spread resource more effectively

Being able to channel incoming calls to different groups of the business during busy times is a valuable tool. It helps to use resource in the most effective way, and ensure that customers aren’t having to wait unnecessarily.  With live incoming call data, and an online web portal for phone system control — you can see spikes in call traffic and re-route them in real time. 

4. Identify weak links

You may have a hunch that Johnny doesn’t do much work, but how do you know for sure?  With phone call analytics, the numbers will demonstrate who is working hard and who isn't.  You can use the data in an employee review to help illustrate performance issues.

5. Manage issues in real time

By using phone call analytics, you can spot issues with a service or a product immediately.  For example, if there is a drastic spike in customer support calls, you may be able to identify a customer-wide issue almost as soon as it happens.

So before your eyes glaze over at the thought of using data on a daily basis in order to improve your business, remember some data isn't so bad, and in can in fact make life easier. 

About VTSL

VTSL are leaders in hosted VoIP business phone systems.  As an award-winning UK service provider, VTSL offer modern business telephony that helps businesses work smarter, faster and more efficiently.  Features such as a live Wallboard, Call Recording and an online Web Portal allow businesses to manage their service and resource in real-time. For more information on how VTSL can help transform your business, or a free quote, please contact VTSL on 020 7078 3200 today.


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