6 Ways to Help Employees Embrace New Technology

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Lea in Accounting doesn’t like the new payroll software and it is having a knock-on effect to her entire team.  Sammy in Shipping doesn’t understand the new app for logging shipments and as a result no shipments are being tracked. And the new PA keeps complaining about the business phone system because she can’t seem to remember how to conference calls.

Helping employees embrace new technology is important from an operational standpoint, but also for morale. And with new technology being adopted frequently, this is something business can’t afford to get wrong. Here are our 6 tips for how to assist your employees in getting on board with the latest company tech.

1. Incentivise the Technology Use 

Try tying technology training to job requirements so that the new skills can lead to a promotion or even a pay increase. This way employees don’t feel like they are wasting their time.  

2. Break it up into Bite Size Pieces 

Some employees will pick up new technology quickly, but others will need some extra training and time. Invest in the extra training sessions for the less tech-savvy employees. And make sure all employees understand the basics of the new technology before moving on to more detailed, complicated features.

3. Host 'Lunch &Learn' Sessions 

"Lunch and Learn" sessions are a fantastic way to build camaraderie across a team while simultaneously learning something new. Staff tend to like the opportunity to learn in a more open setting that isn't as structured as formally scheduled training.

4. Provide Training & Mentoring 

This is where we see a lot of companies go wrong, particularly with new business phone system installation. Everyone suddenly has a new phone on their desk but not the faintest idea how to transfer a call or set up voicemail.  Comprehensive training should be provided to all employees (ideally in more than one session) and included in the onboarding process for new hires. Additionally, experienced employees should be available to help new or struggling employees who require additional instruction.

5. Help Employees See the Value for Themselves & the Company 

Technology means change. For successful change, it helps for everyone to understand why the technology is being implemented, and how it will benefit them. Show them how they can to contribute to the change, and what the identified ROI is post-implementation. By doing this employees will feel valued and have greater enthusiasm for future changes. 

6. Engage Employees Every Step of the Way 

Engage employees in design, development and deployment of the new technology. Start by helping them understand the issue that the technology is trying to solve. Most projects fail at adoption as no one thinks they are necessary or worth the hassle.

If all else fails, and you are desperate to motivate certain employees to learn a new technology, try shaming them.  Some people will never respond to a carrot, but will respond to a stick.  One way you could do this is by sending a weekly email out to the entire company with the names of those people who still need to successfully complete training.


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