What exactly is a Soft Client and does my business need one?

  • Audra Oliver
  • 18-Mar-2019 15:14:19

what is a soft client

You may have heard the term 'soft client' used before.  For those who don't know, it isn't a furry customer.

A soft client, or soft phone, is an application that enables VoIP telephone calls from a computer, tablet or a mobile device. The 'soft' stands for software because it is indeed software (in the form of an app) that you download to your device. There are lots of reasons why your business should equip its employees with soft clients on their mobile phones, not least because it will enable them to use their personal mobile device just like their office phone, at no cost to them. 

But that is not all. Read on to discover more benefits soft clients can bring to your business. 

1. Employees can use their mobiles (or tablets) just like their office phone

Once they download the app to their mobile, employees can receive and make calls from their office number on their mobile phone.  No one would know they weren't in the office!

2. It costs employees nothing on their personal mobile network 

Because calls are made using VoIP telephony over the 3G/4G/5G or WiFi network, no mobile minutes are used.

3. Calls can be transferred to other staff easily using extension only

A good soft client will allow you to transfer calls internally with ease.  So if you accidentally get a call for the Accounts department you can transfer the person to the correct extension just by pressing a few buttons.  No need to try to remember phone numbers.

4. Conference in colleagues effortlessly from the soft client app

One of the best features of a good soft client is the ability to conference someone in.  This saves time and hassle as you don't need to hang up to call another party.

5. Business directories can be accessed 

With VTSL's soft client, you can access your business directory on your mobile phone.  It is a very handy feature given very few people have all their colleague's numbers memorised.

6. Working anywhere becomes possible - at home, on the road, etc.

Gone are the days of forwarding calls to your mobile and then having to call people back from your personal number.  With a soft client, your mobile phone will ring when your office phone rings, and you can call people back from your office number.

7. It is affordable, usually only a few pounds per month

Soft clients shouldn't break the budget.  They should in fact save a lot of money because companies no longer need to purchase business mobiles for their staff.

8. The soft client app is intuitive and easy to use 

The real beauty of the VTSL soft client (should you ever try it out) is that it is incredibly easy to use.  Even your least techy staff will be able to work out how to make, receive and transfer calls without help.

9. No need to provide mobiles, employees can use their own device

No one likes to carry around two mobiles.  It may have been cool in 2010 to have a blackberry and iPhone in your pocket at all times, but not anymore.

10. It can be used for voice or video calls

Oh did we mention you can do video calls? Audio calls can become video calls with the press of a button.

To learn more about VTSL's soft client, visit our web page here, or download our brochure.  Or if you would prefer to speak to someone about how it can help your business, please call us on 020 7078 3200 today and we will gladly have a chat.

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