How to Get Your Office Phone & Mobile To Connect Seamlessly

Your smartphone connects to your Amazon Echo, as well as your car. Headphones no longer need to be plugged into a phone to work, but rather simply Bluetooth enabled.  And now, your office phone and your mobile phone can work as one - seamlessly syncing contacts and transferring calls between one another with the push of a button.


How to Overcome the Most Common Sales Objections

Whether it is selling something to an internal team, to a partner company or a potential investor, most of us regularly find ourselves trying to convince someone in the business world to do something.  The response given is the same response experienced sales people often get: "Now is not a good time", or "We don't have the budget for that."  But objections don't mean "no", particularly if you know what to say next. Here we outline the 5 most common sales objections, and how to overcome them.