The Difference Between Fibre Broadband and a Fibre Leased Line

  • Lee Zweig
  • 16-Jun-2020 14:39:01

If you are working from home for the foreseeable future, you may be evaluating your internet connectivity choices — opting for ‘fibre’ if your provider offers it in your area. But if you have already upgraded to ‘fibre’ and it still isn’t as fast as the lightening-quick connection you have in the office, this is why.


8 Reasons To Go Back To The Office

While many people have enjoyed working from home over the past few months, there is a broad recognition that a completely home-based workforce can’t compare to one that has the ability to collaborate in-person. The serendipitous consequences of accidentally overhearing something you needed to know, or the unintended collaboration that occurs simply by sitting next to someone (even 2m apart), have value – a value that will no doubt end up quantified through an increasing number of studies like this one as we get more data from lockdown.