What exactly is a Soft Client and does my business need one?

  • Audra Oliver
  • 18-Mar-2019 15:14:19

You may have heard the term 'soft client' used before.  For those who don't know, it isn't a furry customer.


10 Great Ideas for Call Queue Wait Announcements

What is call queuing? Call queuing helps to provide better customer service by managing a high volume of inbound calls.  Incoming calls are automatically put in a queue and the caller is regularly told their place in the queue.  For organisations like GP practices, which receive a high volume of inbound calls first thing in the morning, a call queue can be the difference between a frustrating caller experience, and a pleasant one.  If your customers get a busy tone, or voicemail box when they call, the battle to provide excellent customer service is lost before it has begun.  But call queues offer more than just a way of avoiding frustrating customers . They are an opportunity.  Play a Call Queue Wait Announcement that is both interesting to the customer and meaningful to your business, and you have succeeded in knocking two birds out with one stone.