The Next Big Thing? Hardware-as-a-Service

You may have read recently that Zoom is going to start offering video conferencing hardware, as-a-service - meaning companies can pay monthly to rent state-of-the art equipment for only a small fraction of the cost to buy it. Companies benefit from the latest technology, completely supported, without a full fledged investment into devices that will no doubt be out-dated in a few years; and Zoom benefits by bringing its services to the office as people just as people start working from home less.


Financial Services, UCaaS and the Next Stage of Covid-19

  • Eamonn Chaer
  • 07-Jul-2020 14:32:14

Even as lockdown measures are eased and retail businesses re-open, the B2B world remains sceptical about a return to the office. Most office-based businesses expect to be fully or partly working from home for some time, and as such there will be a continued increase in demand for remote working and digital collaboration technology in months if not years to come.