8 Things You Should Know About the New VTSL Self-Service Portal

  • Lucy Antunes
  • 26-Jan-2021 10:38:56

by Lucy Antunes

VTSL recently launched a self-service portal for customers, providing them with capabilities that they previously did not have. This includes things such as adding new products, accessing in-depth knowledge base articles and the ability to submit support case tickets. Note that this is different to the normal online portal, which allows administrators and users to manage their telephony system and its features.


Compliance Is a Real Risk for Financial Services Firms With Staff Working From Home

  • Eamonn Chaer
  • 19-Jan-2021 15:56:59
  • Telecoms

By Eamonn Chaer

Having endured on and off lockdowns for nearly a year, financial services firms have had to adapt their working practises to enable working from home.

But how has remote working affected compliance?