Compliance Is a Real Risk for Financial Services Firms With Staff Working From Home

  • Eamonn Chaer
  • 19-Jan-2021 15:56:59
  • Telecoms

By Eamonn Chaer

Having endured on and off lockdowns for nearly a year, financial services firms have had to adapt their working practises to enable working from home.

But how has remote working affected compliance?


5 Reasons Landlords Should 'Light up' their Space with Fibre Connections

By Lauren Murphy

With the flexible managed offering becoming more prevalent than ever, and the coronavirus pandemic accelerating that trend, traditional landlords need to adapt to ensure they aren’t left behind.


3 Reasons Why Working from Home is Here to Stay for GP Practices

By Lee Zweig

A recent poll by GP Online has shown that 63% of GP’s think that some degree of home working will remain after the pandemic is over, given there are some clear benefits - both short and long term. 


Cloud Solutions: Why is voice treated so differently?

by Tom Goldsworthy

With the seismic shift to home working in 2020, the benefits of cloud solutions such as Teams, Zoom and other collaboration applications have shown brightly. But this has been less true for cloud voice platforms.


Why a Cloud Voice System is Crucial for GPs - Part I

By Dan Rue

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, general practices have seen the long standing challenges they face magnified and have had entirely new challenges thrown upon them. One such challenge is finding a phone system that meets the needs of both patients and staff who may not be able (or allowed) to physically come into the practice. 


The Top 5 Questions Customers Ask Me Everyday

by Lucy Antunes

Christmas is just around the corner now, and what a year this has been. With seemingly endless lockdowns and constant working from home, most of us have found us in situations we would never have dreamed of a year ago.  


How GP's Can Reduce the Impact of Practice Closures

By Lee Zweig

With winter coming and local lockdowns popping up all over the country, the likelihood of staff needing to isolate, or even practice closures, is increasing.  Fortunately, technology is here to help. Staff can work from home as effectively (or close to) if they have the right tools.  


From Office Closures to Internet Issues, This is How to Keep Business Telephony Working

  • Dan Rue
  • 29-Sep-2020 09:42:50

Business continuity planning emerged from disaster recovery planning in the early 1970s. Financial organisations, such as banks and insurance companies began the trend by ensuring they had data backed up at protected sites. Recovery efforts were almost always triggered by a fire, flood, storm or other physical devastation.


My SoftPhone Doesn't Work!

With the rise in working-from-home, many of us are now using softphones - which has lots of benefits.  Users can make and receive calls from their work number, transfer calls, conference calls, and talk as long as they want without using mobile minutes. But what many people working from home forget, is that soft phones are only as good as the WiFi and broadband they are connected to. And with demands on domestic broadband greater than ever between email, CRM systems and video, the competition for bandwidth can be fierce. 


Is Your GP Practice Using a Call Recording System for Complaints?

Usually patients are limited in their ability to lodge a complaint to directly to their surgery. They can 1) speak to the receptionist, 2) write a feedback card 3) email a general surgery address, or 4) fill out text/online questionnaires.

But what  about a call recording system?