Make Your Cloud Business Phone System Work For You This Holiday Season

In the mad rush to finish all your Christmas shopping, get last minute projects done and clear your desk of that pesky pile of work, many of us don’t think to take advantage of our cloud business phone system.  Whether it is ensuring your business has someone answering the phones over the holidays or letting customers know what your Christmas hours are, a few minutes in VTSL’s online web portal will have your office phone system working for you this season.


IFTTT Is The New App That Is Connecting Everything 'as a Service'

From your to-do list to your company's back-up servers, things that were once physical pieces of equipment are now deployed to you ‘as a service’ by service providers.  For example traditional phone systems have now been replaced by VoIP telephony and unified communications solutions offered as a service. But it isn’t just equipment that has gone the way of the cloud. There is now something called everything as a service, and it is delivered by IFTTT.


Why Does On Hold Music Usually Sound Terrible?

No matter which kind of company you call — big or small — their on-hold music usually sounds like it has been recorded in a tin can. You would think that with modern technology being able to clone sheep and fly humans around faster than the speed of sound, that a creating a business phone system with clear and crisp on-hold music would be easy.  But as it turns out, it isn’t so straightforward.


What is new & Improved with Amazon's Echo 2

Amazon is now delivering the second generation of its popular Echo device—the home assistant that has become one of the most talked about gadgets in Britain. But is it worth upgrading to the newer model? Will the old Echo still work?


High Speed Broadband to Reach Millions as BT Faces New Competition

Just when you thought the UK countryside may never get decent internet connectivity, Vodafone signs a partnership deal with Cityfibre to build high-speed broadband networks to as many as 5 million UK homes, in a move that will create a powerful new rival to BT Openreach.


5 Technologies to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

  • Tom Goldsworthy
  • 10-Nov-2017 13:23:47

Sales professionals are usually gifted with people.  They know how to make someone comfortable, build rapport and explain complex things in an understandable way.  But they don’t necessarily know how to use the latest technology to their benefit. Technology after all requires investment, learning and integrating into existing methods. Why bother? 


Call Recording: Cloud vs PBX

One benefit to email is that there is a ‘paper’ trail when you need to demonstrate that you did indeed communicate something. But emails are boring, and quickly becoming antiquated with the rise of chat and collaboration platforms. They also take a good few minutes to write, much longer than if you picked up the phone and called the person.  The good news is, there is a record even when you do pick up the phone – IF you have call recording.


Smart Watches: Did you know you had so much choice?

In last weekend’s Sunday Times, style guru Toby Wiseman was asked by a male reader if it was ever acceptable to wear a smartwatch with a suit.  The answer was: not three years ago, but these days, yes. What surprised me wasn’t the answer, but range of available smartwatches that would actually look good with a suit. Around our offices, techy-looking smartwatches are cool, but clearly that is not the case everywhere. 


Productivity Apps That Will Add Hours to Your Day

  • Kate Davies
  • 14-Oct-2017 17:08:42

It isn't about trying to jam more into our days that has us so keen on productivity apps, as it is about expending less effort to get the same amount done. These apps will help you do, write, make and collaborate in an easier way. So don't be a creature of habit and work harder and longer to get less done - get a productivity app! Here are our unified communications experts' top 5.


5 Predictions for The Workplace of Tomorrow 

  • Richard Senger
  • 06-Oct-2017 00:00:00

As a technology business, we have to think about what is next.  We have to stay on top of developments that change the way we provide business-critical telephony, connectivity and unified communications services. Technology is connected by technology, and being able to provide leading-edge services means knowing what is coming.  As such we spend a significant amount of time planning for what’s next.